Joint Ventures


A joint venture is when two or more individuals join resources to achieve greater results in a shorter period of time.


Investing in real estate through the use of a joint venture with Brennan Property Investments will allow you to:


  • Reach investing goals faster while reducing the time period required achieving them.
  • Focus your time on other things such a family, recreational activities or your business.
  • Leverage other people’s resources such as experience, time, professional contacts and market knowledge.
  • Lower risk investment while still achieving a higher return on investment then bonds, GIC’s, and the stock market.
  • Achieve profits from cash flow, mortgage reduction, forced and market appreciation and capital depreciation


What is involved with the process of investing in a joint venture?


  • Determine the desired return on investment goals and time horizon
    • Joint ventures usually range from 2 – 5 years
    • Are cash flow payments desired?
  • Determining which types of investments and exit strategies are desired
    • Long term hold
    • Fix, re-finance and rent strategy
    • Rent to own strategies
    • RRSP investment loans as a 2nd mortgage with a guaranteed interest rate of 8% or higher
  • Written agreements are created
    • “ letter of intent to invest” agreement is developed and signed to begin the investing process
    • A  joint venture agreement is signed for the property that is selected
  • Complete the purchase transaction by signing closing documents and setting up a dual signature joint venture bank account if desired
  • Let us take care of everything allowing you to enjoy your hands off investment or be as involved as you would like


Brennan Property Investments takes care of:


  • Searching and selecting the right property to meet the desired return on investment and investment time frame
  • Developing a budget, projections and cash requirements
  • Perform due diligence for the investment
  • Work with the lender, real estate agent, home inspector, lawyers, contracts, etc…
  • Perform and/or oversee repairs and renovations
  • Advertise and show the property, screen and select tenants, prepare leases, collect deposits, etc…
  • Perform maintenance inspections, handle tenant communication and rent collections
  • Bookkeeping and banking for the investment and provide updates to the investor
  • Providing leadership and experience to ensure the project is successful